Minggu, 09 September 2012

A Confession

Year : 1998
Location : in the karaoke room

Shi Won : Aren't you going to give me a birthday present? I thought I told you... on my last birthday... you forgot, didn't you! I mentioned it all last year.

Yoon Je : Get it from my brother. That present. As long as it's not from me, right? You're so cruel. How can you ask me for that?

Shi Won : Why not? silent. I'm too stupid to know why not. Can you explain to me why?

Yoon Je : Because i like you. I'm really into you. I've been at your side since
we were born. We've seen each other everyday. I even remember your first period. But I still see you as a woman. The first day of high school was the first time I thought you were pretty. After that day, I always gave you a hint. I liked you. I want you to like me. But you didn't notice. Fine, maybe you had only ever seen me as a friend. So I should confess. So I told you to meet me after the college entrance exam. I told you to meet at the school playground at eight. That is was my D Day. But my brother said, ten minutes before... He told me... He like you. What should I do?
There are only two people I love. One is my brother who gave up everything for me. And the other is you. It's you... but... my brother likes you... A lot. Like I do. What should I do? What do you want me to do? I said what do I do!


Shi Won : Can we just go back to going good friends again? Like you said, we've always been together since we were born. I'm not that smart. You know that. But I do know that you're the friend who means the most to me. So... you'll still be my friend, right? Back tears so as not to drip.

Yoon Je : If a man... if he tells a girl who doesn't like him... like a pathetic fool... if he confess everything... it means he never wants to see her again. Rise. Give her a small box. Throw it (the small box containing a ring) away. A friend? Are you kidding me? Leaving. Trying not to cry in front of Shi Won. It hurts.


Year : 2005
Location : in a cafe

Yoon Je : Shi Won, I don't know about her. I don't know what she doing now. Answer the phone. It didn't take a long. I stop for some coffee. It started raining. I've avoided her for the last six years. Now I don't even wonder how she's doing. Until I ran into her today...

Waitress : Next in line.

Yoon Je : A large iced caramel mocha please.

Waitress : Would you like whipped cream?

Yoon Je : Yes, a lot.

Shi Won : Shocked and turned.

Yoon Je : Notice and turned.

Then they are sit down and start a conversation.

Shi Won : Long time no see.

Yoon Je : Awkward. Long time no see. How have you been?

Shi Won : Good... I've been good. What about you?

Yoon Je : Same.

Shi Won : What are you doing here?

Yoon Je : I had something to do in the area.

Shi Won : Nice accent.

Yoon Je : You still speak in dialect.

Shi Won : I want to keep it. By the way, do you have a girlfriend?

Yoon Je : Yes, I do.

Shi Won : Really? Did you meet her in college?

Yoon Je : No, from the Judicial Research and Training Institute. It hasn't been long.

Shi Won took the phone and call someone.

Shi Won : Joon Hee, are you free? (bla bla bla) Does Yoon Jee have a girlfriend? (bla bla bla) He never picks up my calls. (bla bla bla) Okay. Thank you. Hang up the phone.

Yoon Je : Embarrassed. You know, friend. Like a boy friend and a girl friend.

Shi Won : Stare at Yoon Je.

Yoon Je : I'm sure you have those kinds of friends too. Suddenly explained.

Shi Won : Friends? stare.

Yoon Je : Nod.
Shi Won : Friends? stare.

Yoon Je : Stare and tight-lipped.

Shi Won : Are you kidding me?

Yoon Je : I didn't attend alumni meeting because of you. I went home the day before Thanksgiving. I made up so many ridiculous excusses not to go home on New Year's. You made it all for nothing in one shot.

Shi Won : Smiling.

Yoon Je : You're unbelievable, Shi Won. Back to 1998, to the night I cried and yelled like a madman. Back to that winter. I was reset to the Yoon Je of the 90s.

(Reply 1997 episode 12-13)

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  1. nggak paham ama cerita ini, jadi penasaran, sebenarnya bahas opo iki... ora mudeng...kkkk

    1. wajib di tonton drama ni onni,,,sungguh drama yang penuh emosi,,ada tawa, sedih,,,,pokoknya daebbbbakkkk buat reaply 1997

    2. entah ya.... Kiki masih belum nonton kayaknya...hahahahaha

      sensasi 'real'nya itu dapet...


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