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Minggu, 09 September 2012

A Confession

Year : 1998
Location : in the karaoke room

Shi Won : Aren't you going to give me a birthday present? I thought I told you... on my last birthday... you forgot, didn't you! I mentioned it all last year.

Yoon Je : Get it from my brother. That present. As long as it's not from me, right? You're so cruel. How can you ask me for that?

Shi Won : Why not? silent. I'm too stupid to know why not. Can you explain to me why?

Yoon Je : Because i like you. I'm really into you. I've been at your side since
we were born. We've seen each other everyday. I even remember your first period. But I still see you as a woman. The first day of high school was the first time I thought you were pretty. After that day, I always gave you a hint. I liked you. I want you to like me. But you didn't notice. Fine, maybe you had only ever seen me as a friend. So I should confess. So I told you to meet me after the college entrance exam. I told you to meet at the school playground at eight. That is was my D Day. But my brother said, ten minutes before... He told me... He like you. What should I do?


Seorang admin yang mengoperasikan akun twitter yang bertema semua tentang Korea, di akun twitter pribadinya suatu saat membicarakan tentang drama terbaru Reply 1997 ber-genre sitkom a.k.a. situasi komedi. Di awal-awal episode dia rajin ngetwit tentang drama ini. Karena lumayan sering dia membicarakannya, akhirnya saya yang tadinya biasa saja mulai penasaran. Seperti apa ceritanya. Ada apa di drama ini sampai-sampai dari sekian banyak drama kenapa hanya drama ini saja yang sering muncul dan dibicarakan di timelinenya.

Mulailah lihat di link-link tentang Reply 1997 yang ada, ternyata udah banyak banget...